About Me

My name is Chris Scullion, and I’m currently the Games Editor of the Official Nintendo Magazine, the UK’s top-selling Nintendo magazine. I lived in Scotland from birth until the age of 23, then moved to London where I have been living since May 2006.

In the time I’ve been in London my work has appeared in 63 issues of ONM (as of December 2010), have also had work published in Official Xbox 360 Magazine, PSW and Gamesmaster, have appeared on Sky News and have run out of money in Tokyo while miles away from my hotel. All fun stuff.

This blog is not about ONM, nor is it about Nintendo in general. I already write about that sort of thing over at the ONM website so there’s no point doing it here too. It’s also not about the work environment at Future publishing, or a list of perks that I may get as a result of working there: nobody cares about that and it’ll make me seem like a prat.

Instead, this blog is simply a way for me to write about things and share my views without being limited to the topic of Nintendo games.


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  • 1. Alli  |  December 23, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    “the UK’s top-selling Nintendo magazine”

    hark @ you!


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