A message to all Scots today

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I’ve deliberately posted this message¬†without any political leaning. If your comments could please respect this and do the same so as to not turn this into another “vote Yes” or “vote No” showdown it would be hugely appreciated. I apologise in advance but I may remove any comment giving a pro-independence or pro-Union message because that’s the opposite of what I’m trying to say below.

Whatever your plans are today, and whatever side of the debate you fall on, please take the time to vote. It’s massively important that as many people as possible give their opinion on this incredibly important issue in Scotland’s history.

At the risk of playing a tiny violin, it’s been decided that some Scots, such as myself, won’t be allowed to have a say in this referendum, even though it may affect my citizenship and, should we move to Scotland soon, my wife’s citizenship.

“You don’t live there,” I’m told. Maybe not at this moment, no, but my mum and dad live there. My brother, my sister-in-law and my new nephew live there. My aunt and my cousins, and their families live there. My friends and the rest of my family live there.

My heart lives there.

So while I’m sure most of you don’t need my encouragement, for those who still aren’t too fussed, please do go and vote because there are some Scots out there who are absolutely desperate to do so and aren’t able to.

If you’re still undecided, I’m not going to tell you which way to vote. There’s been enough of that. I believe the Daily Record has a big 20-page thing today giving all the pros and cons for each side. Read that and come to your own decision – don’t read all the highly emotionally charged bluster coming from both sides on social media. I’ve been guilty of it too, but only because it means so much.

Go before work, or go after work, it doesn’t matter. Even if there’s a massive queue and you might miss the start of the Celtic game tonight, fuck it. Keep queuing. They probably won’t properly get going until the second half anyway.

Vote No. Vote Yes. It’s your choice. But please vote, for the sake of those who can’t.


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